necessary response

The name Necessary Response was scurrying through the Electro scene like a phantom for quite a while. No one really knew much about this band which was becoming increasingly popular through its club hits “Forever” and “Spilling Blood” on the compilations “Machineries of Joy Vol. 3 and 4.”, and which was sporting a mighty sound with a dark ambience and addictive melodies, built upon a solid foundation of Future Pop, TBM, and Industrial. The man behind Necessary Response is none other than Daniel Long of Aesthetic Perfection, and his debut-album “Blood Spills Not Far From the Wound” offers just the kind of perfect mixture between melodic aggression and slightly dark club anthems that we have been sorely missing from the big names in the scene. Furthermore, Necessary Response are masters at producing beats that shake the dance floor and at combining memorable hook lines with an aggressive punch – hard stuff, but with a lot of feeling. Electro-sounds for the new Millennium!